Publishing | Advancing Songwriter's Careers

Nashville Cool is a publishing company in Nashville, Tennessee. We represent songwriters, get their music out to the world and get them around town.

Our relationships include producers, artists, producers, fellow publishing companies, labels, CMT, Warner Music, Sony Music, Universal, Broken Bow, Curb, Big Loud Records, Big Machine, DisneyRiser House.

Core skills:

  • Leveraging our songwriter's catalogs worldwide.
  • Songplugging.
  • Music industry consulting, team building and investor relations.
  • Events that advance songwriter's careers.

Our partners include Nashville Rising SongThe Producer's Chair, Steve Bloch, Mocha Songpluggers Group, Independent Songpluggers Association, Shure MicrophoneThe WorkshopGlobal Songwriters Connection, NSAI, Women in Music Business, Nashville Publishers Network,  AIMP and many more.

Retreat August 9-11, 2019

Co-write with hit songwriters. Details...

Row Call Songwriter Group

Row Call gives songwriters the direction, support and the songplugging team they need to get a cut with a major label artist.

Songwriter Services

Need songwriter mentoring, access to better songwriters, music business help?