New Songs, New Friends Made at Songwriting Camp

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August 15, 2018

Professional songwriters Dave Pahanish, Jenn Schott, and Keesy Timmer recently invited selected songwriters Travis Smith, Joe Hanson, Kelli Johnson, Tyler Madden, DeDe Wedekind and Ken Moulden into their lives for a weekend.

Songwriting teams co-wrote 9 songs at Cactus Creek Barn Event Center in Dickson Tn, complete with horseback riding, 4 wheeler racing across open pastures and trips across Yellow Creek.

Joe Hanson said, “The best part of the weekend was getting to know these hit songwriters and forming real friendships with them. Hearing the backstories of their music journey really hit home and inspired me more than ever to have faith and keep pursuing my music dream.”

The retreat concluded with participants showcasing the newly written songs for Tiffany Goss of Curb Records and Nashville Cool publisher Nancy Deckant. Ken Moulden received the “Shure Thing Award” and was presented with a Shure microphone. Tyler Madden won the “Catalope Award” just for the fun of it.

Sponsors supporting the event including SHURE, The Workshop, Nashville Rising Song, “The Real Row” Blog, The Producer’s Chair. 

Image information:

Front: Tyler Madden, songwriter; Middle: Nancy Deckant, Nashville Cool; Jenn Schott, Parallel Music; Tiffany Goss, Curb; Kelli Johnson, songwriter; George Salamacha, Nashville Cool; Back: Ken Moulden, songwriter; Keesy Timmer, Average Joes; Dave Pahanish, Thirty Tigers; Joe Hanson, songwriter; Travis Smith, songwriter, DeDe Wedekind, songwriter

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