Dave Pahanish

"I got some really good and pitchable tunes and met a few other writers I hope to collaborate with in the future!"

-Dave Pahanish, Pro-Writer ("American Ride" by Toby Keith, "Without You" by Keith Urban)


"I feel the invitational was a great opportunity to find out where I am as a writer and to get to write with new writers."

-Jeremy M., Participant


"I believe this retreat helped me become a more concise writer. It made me realize the importance of building a song off of the hook."

-Jordan U., Participant


"Made some great connections with the fellow Pro-writers and Stephanie [Warner A&R]. Also was very impressed by a couple of the participants...That was time well spent for me career-wise!"

-Victoria Banks, Pro-writer (CCMA Female Artist of the Year, "Saints and Angels" by Sara Evans)


"The best part of the weekend for me was being able to network with hit songwriters and other songwriters."

-Travis S., Participant


I did not expect to write so many GOOD songs. I thoroughly enjoyed all of the writes I was a part of.

-Tyler M., Participant